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Archives: Messages

Perspectives – It Doesn’t Mean Anything

Perspectives – Herzl’s Trees

Perspectives – The Labour and the Jews

Antisemitism Worldwide Report for 2023

Perspectives – Mysterious Ways

Perspectives – Head Held High

Call for Papers – Hate

Perspectives – Boycott Harvard

Seminar – Israel at War

Perspectives – The Witness

Perspectives – Notes from Bucharest

Antisemitism Worldwide Report for 2022

Perspectives – Notes from the Emirates

Perspectives 2021-2023 – Thoughts on Contemporary Jewish Life

For a Righteous Cause – Annual Report 2023

Perspectives – The Ultra-Orthodox and the Law of Return

Perspectives – Hindutva and the Jews

Perspectives – Let There Be Light

Perspectives – Crying Foul

Perspectives – Notes from Helsinki

Perspectives – Together Again

Center Concludes Pioneering So The World May Know Seminar

Perspectives – The Harvard Lazy

Perspectives – United We Stand

An End to Antisemitism!

Perspectives – On an Optimistic Note

Pioneering Identity Field Workshop Launched

Antisemitism Worldwide Report

The War in Ukraine – Universal and Jewish Perspectives

Perspectives – Putin, Enemy of the People

Cyprus Top-Officials Attend Center’s First-of-its-Kind Seminar on Antisemitism

Statement on Russian War Crimes and Holocaust Distortion

New Book: Contemporary Jewish Communities

Perspectives – The Unthinkable

Former Polish President Visits Center Amidst Crisis in Europe

Perspectives – Online Hatred

In the News: For a Righteous Cause

Center Presents Inaugural Report on Positive Trends in Fighting Antisemitism to the President of Israel

For a Righteous Cause – Positive Trends in Fighting Antisemitism Annual Report 2022

Perspectives – Antiochus, Santa and My Son

France, the Jews, and the Presidential Elections

Honoring the Battle against Antisemitism

Perspectives – A Stunning Decision

Perspectives – A Royal Message

Perspectives – Home Cantor

Judaism and Vegetarianism

Mapping IHRA Adoptions

Kantor Center’s Study Presented at the Supreme Court

General Analysis for the Year 2020

New Head for the Kantor Center