We condemn Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine and the cowardly war crimes committed under the directives of Vladimir Putin.

The fascist-styled aggression stands against some of the most important moral lessons humanity should have learned from the Nazi period, including the sanctity of human life and the sovereignty of democratic, peaceful nations. Putin has the blood of thousands of victims, including children, on his hands. His policies pose an existential threat to world democracy, peace, and security.

To add insult to injury, in claiming that present-day Ukraine, with its Jewish president, is Nazi, Putin has trivialized the memory of the Holocaust. He entirely discredited his past commitments to fight antisemitism and placed himself among a notorious group of Holocaust distorters.

As a minority in all countries but Israel, Jews learned that fascist regimes often pose the gravest threats to their existence, and democracy is the best guarantee for their wellbeing. 

As students of history, we know there is time for nuance and time for clarity. So let us be clear in standing up unequivocally against Putin’s war crimes, oppression, and threats. 

Prof. Uriya Shavit, Head

Prof. Dina Porat, Founding Head

Dr. Giovanni Quer, Project Manager

Dr. Carl Yonker, Researcher, Media Director