Center’s Study Presented at the Supreme Court

On June 27, 2021, Prof. Dina Porat, Founding Head of the Center, Prof. Yoram Dinstein, former President of Tel Aviv University, and Adv. Talia Naamat met with Justice Esther Hayut, President of the Supreme Court of Israel, to discuss the Center’s legal research. The three presented Justice Hayut with the Center’s four-volume study on human rights and equality, “Legislating for Equality – A Multinational Collection of Non-Discrimination Norms”.

Brill published the four volumes containing studies and analyses edited by Adv. Naamat and Prof. Porat along with Nina Osin, Elena Pesina, and Giovanni Quer. For the first time, the volumes collate the 195 UN Member States’ constitutional provisions and laws pertaining to non-discrimination. They provide a basis for research and comparative analysis on the issues of equality and protection of minority rights, and provide access to legal sources hitherto unavailable in the English language. Prof. Porat thanked the President of the Supreme Court Justice Hayut for hosting the event and said: “We hope that these volumes will contribute, even modestly, to the fight against discrimination in the world.”

Further information about the volumes can be found on the Brill website: