An End to Antisemitism!

An End to Antisemitism! is a five-volume series published by De Gruyter that brings together more than one-hundred internationally renowned experts to address different aspects of the problem of antisemitism. The studies published in the collection resulted from an international conference held in Vienna, Austria, in 2018 that was organized by the University of Vienna, New York University, Tel Aviv University, and the European Jewish Congress. Prof. Dina Porat, the Center’s Founding Head, served as co-editor of the volumes together with Armin Lange, Kerstin Mayerhofer, and Lawrence H. Schiffman.

The first volume, Comprehending and Confronting Antisemitism: A Multi-Faceted Approach, offers a comprehensive overview on the history of and discourse about antisemitism. The second volume, Confronting Antisemitism from the Perspectives of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, engages with antisemitic stereotypes as religious symbols that express and transmit a belief system of Jew-hatred. Volume three, Comprehending Antisemitism through the Ages: A Historical Perspective, deals with the long history of antisemitism, while volume four, Confronting Antisemitism from Perspectives of Philosophy and Social Sciences, addresses the role of antisemitism in philosophy, pedagogy and social sciences. Lastly, the fifth volume, Confronting Antisemitism in Modern Media, the Legal and Political Worlds, explores manifestations of antisemitism in the media, legal and political worlds.

The volumes are Open Access and available for download as PDF files on the De Gruyter website here. Printed copies can also be purchased from De Gruyter at the same link.